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Evening menu


1. Evening menu - 450 CZK

Small tossed salad with chopped ham and herb vinaigrette and egg
Grilled chicken breast with English-style bacon and mashed potatoes
Chocolate cake
Bread, bread rolls


2. Evening menu - 450 CZK

Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil pesto
Grilled chicken leg with rosemary and garlic, boiled potatoes and baby carrots
Cheese cake
Bread, bread rolls


3. Evening menu - 450 CZK 

Venison pâté with fruit and cranberry sauce
Pork steak with champignons and rice
Apple pie with vanilla sauce
Bread, bread rolls


4. Evening menu - 500 CZK 

Selection of tossed salads with herb vinaigrette and chunks of salmon
Venison steak with crushed juniper berries and wild fruit sauce, served with potato croquettes
Crème Caramel
Bread, bread rolls


5. Evening menu - 480 CZK

Country-style smoked ham with apple and horseradish sauce
Salmon baked in sesame crust, served with creamy spinach and noodles
Crêpes Suzette with warm fruit salad, chopped nuts and vanilla sauce
Bread, bread rolls


6. Evening menu - 500 CZK

Grilled mini tomatoes with cherry mozzarella
Potato soup with mushrooms and fresh marjoram
Vegetable lasagne with four kinds of cheeses
Homemade fruit pie
Bread, bread rolls

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