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Wedding menu

Menu 1

  • Spoonful with rabbit confit with apples and walnuts.
  • Terinka mushroom on leaf salad with artichokes and truffle aroma.
  • Strong quail flavoring with mixed egg and a drop of brandy.
  • Deer ragu in wine with polenta ravioli Wild duck breast with sauce made from spring vegetables and cranberries, served with tender almond dumpling.

Price: 850 Kč


Menu 2

  • Spoonful of from filet mignon with a teardrop of cream and caviar.
  • Terinka made from goose liver with pear-lime salsa.
  • Spinach and rucola salad with dry tomatoes, roasted Feta cheese and warm garlic dressing.
  • Lobster cappuccino with cheese cracker.
  • Lamb back with garlic couscous and Julienne vegetable and strong meat glaze.

Price: 850 Kč

Menu 3

  • Spoonful of mushroom risotto with gently smoked duck breas.
  • Cocktail of leaf salads with aromatic raspberry vinaigrette and herb croutons.
  • Mousseline made from fresh parsley with grilled prawn.
  • Grilled goose liver with apples and calvados.
  • Duet from wild boar and deer backs served with celery puree, grilled zucchini and confit made from pearl onions.
  • Frozen chocolate cream with fresh forest fruit.

Price: 950 Kč


Menu 4

  • Spoonful of tempura shrimp on pineapple chatni with ginger.
  • Terinka rabbit back with almonds and fig jam.
  • Delicate avocado cream with green asparagus heads.
  • Salmon filet with spinach wheel and saffron foam.
  • Veal roll with Parma ham and sage with vegetable roll, cream ragu made from scorzonera.
  • Lime Panna Cotta with hot strawberries and green pepper.

Price: 950 Kč

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